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hot new product: heilala vanilla bean powder

HV 25g powdersearching for 'higher ground'? – check out this rare product, new to gershgoods

Powders are powerful!

The powdered version is probably the least commonly available form of vanilla, but it offers unique and useful properties that both professional and home cooks will appreciate. The benefit to using a ground vanilla bean powder is that you get the straight vanilla flavour without its being diluted in alcohol as with a vanilla extract.

A little goes a long way and saves time & waste: Just 2g of ground vanilla beans equals one vanilla bean, and 1/4 teaspoon of powder is approximately equivalent to 1 teaspoon of extract.

While the heat of many dishes will diminish the flavour of liquid vanilla extract, vanilla powder tends to retain it much better, as there is no alcohol - a key ingredient in extracts- to evaporate. It also works well in dishes that won't benefit from added liquid. It is a useful ingredient in baked goods, liquids, and cream based dishes, dissolving easily and imparting a strong flavour. It tastes best when folded into butter or a cream, as the fat encapsulates the powder to release the full flavour.

The absence of alcohol makes this an ideal product for special dietary restrictions – especially Halal.


No buffers or carriers here, just 100% pure ground Heilala Vanilla Pods.


This is vanilla in its most true and natural state as Heilala Vanilla beans are dried and ground into a fine powder. Two grams of ground Heilala Vanilla powder is the equivalent to one Heilala Vanilla bean.


Kosher and Halal certified, plus sugar and gluten free!

Sarah Wilson loves Ground Vanilla Beans – they feature in her I quit Sugar cookbook.

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