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new product: olsson's macrobiotic sea salt

olsson's macrobiotic sea saltnatural, salty & very special!

Made by the action of the sun and wind on sea water from the Great Barrier Reef, Olsson’s macrobiotic sea salt is unprocessed, unwashed & unrefined. To ensure your customers know it is special, it is then packed in irrestibly cute hessian bag!


Olsson's completely natural sea salts are harvested by hand and are free from any additives or preservatives. The all-female harvesting team delicately handle the flakes to preserve their natural shape & lustre.


The flavour is exceptional, with no mineral after-taste, making the 5kg foodservice pack a favourite with chefs.


Also new to gershgoods is the special kilner jar presentation of the sea salt flakes. The jar not only keeps the salt dry, it also allows customers to appreciate its amazing, sparkling appearance.


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