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good food show; great turnout!

customers at 180d standgershgoods producers sell out at sydney food show

The Good Food and Wine Show reached Sydney last weekend. During a hectic few days, surrounded by an increasingly interested and educated crowd, several of our favourite producers did a roaring trade, some with able assistance by members of team gersh.


Byron Bay Macadamia Muesli was besieged with eager customers, especially at breakfast time. Gary kept smiling with the help of Mel and Luke from team gersh.


Gersh and pb fairies

With the redoubtable Pic, Gersh himself, not to mention a bevy of 'peanut butter fairies' lending a hand, the general public were powerless to resist the charms of this Really Good product, as they walked away with jar after jar.


180 degrees and Maison Therèse meanwhile enjoyed a brisk and constant trade, as customers snapped up the new biscotti and cheese bites, as well as the oat crackers.


Thanks perhaps to Will Wood's appearance on Master Chef last month, and certainly thanks to the excellent master class at the show itself, Carême Pastry was completely sold out by early Sunday afternoon. You can't keep a good puff down.


Carême Pastry all sold out at GFWS

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