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treasures from the original spice island

Grounded pleasures 1kg chai new sri lankan products from grounded pleasuresgrounded pleasures panela 200g

Dairy free, gluten free, gmo free, filler free, vegan, yet instant! Packed in 100% compostable packaging. At least 5% of profits from Grounded Pleasures products go to promote biodiversity and sustainable practices in the spice growing communities.

Seven-spice Sri Lankan chai:

1kg and 200g packs

Direct from the gardens of the original spice island, freshly ground spices blended with traditional organic jaggery – dried unrefined sugar cane juice and natural dried tea.

Organic panela - the ultimate coffee sugar:

1kg and 200g packs

Dried, unrefined high-grown organic sugar cane juice. This process retains all the delectable molasses flavours as well as its beneficial minerals and nutrients.


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