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more star turns by gershgoods producers

Pic Picot YouTube channel linkpremium food maestri strut their stuff on video

Pic Picot, the irrepressible personality behind Pic's Really Good Peanut Butter has created a series of videos, in which he explains everything about his product, from how it comes to be so delicious, to how to get at the secret poem behind the label on every jar.


To learn everything you need to know about really good peanut butter, browse the Pic's YouTube channel, or go straight to the Pic's range on the gershgoods website.


Meanwhile, Claire Wood from Careme Pastry was interviewed live at this year's Careme interview video linkGood Food & Wine Show.


Surprise, surprise, Careme's top seller is still the all butter puff. Check out the video here or browse the Careme range on the gershgoods website.

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