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quick & easy ;-)

Tom from Mures cooks gershgoods lunchtom's fishy feast

Tom from Mures treated Team Gersh to a fabulous Friday lunch, and made sure all the gersh reps really know their stuff when it comes to these unique Tasmanian seafood products.


A small part of a small family business, Mures retail and foodservice products are at the very peak of premium Australian seafood. The ethos is about sustainable production and superlative quality.


Prepared with care in small quantities, and well established in the marketplace, Mures products were a big hit with some of Sydney's leading retailers when Tom and Gersh did a whirlwind tour last week. Your customers will not be disappointed...



Tom even kind enough to share this amazingly simple way to create a delicious soup using the Provençal soup base.

quick & easy Mures soup recipe



check out the extraordinary mures range

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