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salt & pepe hitting the sthn highlands roads

olsson's in southern highlands salt & pepe roadshow

Salt and Pepe Roadshow is a celebration of salt and dairy joining together in Pepe Saya Butter.


Aside from fantastic premium food lines for us humans, Olsson's also makes salt blocks for cattle. John Fairley’s cows at Country Valley Dairy have been called ‘pampered’ but that’s OK with him because his pampered cows have the best tasting milk around. They spend their lives eating, mooing contentedly, licking Olsson’s salt blocks and producing spectacular milk.


And that’s where Pepe Saya comes in. When Pepe found out that the cows whose milk he was using had been licking Olsson’s salt blocks he decided to bring it full circle and use Olsson’s Sea Salt in his butter too. And so when you bite into some creamy Pepe Saya Cultured Butter, you are tasting deliciousness which began long before the churning process and before the milk was bottled; you are tasting the salty pleasures of the pasture and everything in-between.


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salt & pepe roadshow video






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