2016 Christmas Catalogue 

Pic Picot in factory

pic'ing a winner - story of really good peanut butter

taste of sydney logo

a taste of the harbour city

manna from heaven 'handmade in australia' logo

more manna from heaven

pangkarra pulses with goodness

pastilla nash prune logs

pain for pan forte fans :(

Carême 10 years

baskets of joy: carême's 10th birthday giveaway

2015-16 catalogues

holiday must-haves

olsson's truffle salt 50g jar

truffle season ends with a banging offer

maison therese offers

very special offers, à la maison therese

Pic's group of products

pic's price plummets!

chris cullen at gershgoods warehouse

hot new kids on the block

Country Style 'Flavours' page, March 2015

grounded pleasures in style again

peter watson

peter watson: cook that turkey!

kapiti kitchen logo

fruity friands for festive feasting

nougat noir selection stacked

about nougat noir...

summer love – recipes from kapiti


truffle salt of the earth video image

digging olsson's new video

Matale Venezuela blend image

matale – jetsetting chocolate

new Duck Creek group

classy new look for duck creek

nicholson fine foods video

(nicholson) fine foods on film

daylene and lucy finding a truffle

truffling about

rosnay road trip

gershgoods rosnay roadtrip

chill & white drinking choc

cool new hot chocolate

byron bay paleo muesli

new muesli for an old diet – byron bay paleo mix

nougat noir – three varieties

august 2014: new range: nougat noir

pouring in Mures provencale stock

quick & easy from mures

mindfood sardines article

july 2014: sustain the brain with sardines

gingerbread folk mini promo

new product: mini gingerbread folk

Mures logo silver on black

july 2014 new producer: mures tasmania

olsson's truffle salt

new product: olsson's truffle salt

fremantle sardine company logo

new producer: fremantle sardines

basket of truffles

july 2014: it's truffle time again

craig and thibault

grounded pleasures 'cut up' for matale

toby's la trinidad

toby's la trinidad – great retail coffee

bottling pw malaysian chook paste

beauty bottlers! (peter watson malaysian curry)

pangkarra wholegrain lavosh

june 2014: look at our lovely new lavosh!

elliot gets right answer at la marzocco

may 2014: learning the la marzocco ropes

salt & pepe roadshow news image

salt & pepe hitting the sthn highlands roads

new Tabletop Grapes branding 2014

new tabletop branding + images from festa vendemmia

GP in Country Style

may 2014: grounded pleasures in 'country style' mag

pure drinking choc

new drinking choc – ‘pure’ by name, pure by nature

Goan crazy

bravely goan where no team has gone before

weather front over Taste of Sydney 2014

fronting up at taste of sydney 2014

Sharelyn, Gersh & Bob in Whyalla

salty seaside sojourn, courtesy of olsson's...

craig – one winner of the gershgoods chilli war

gershgoods chilli wars

Slow Food Mildura - Festa della Vendemmia

tabletop hosts march 2014 festival launch – sloooowly...

Taste of Sydney 2014 image from Instagram

show business: gershgoods greats give great performance

heilala vanilla powder 25g

higher ground – hot new product: heilala vanilla powder

TEC La Trinidad

new blend from toby's – triple the flavour?

Olsson's recipe: warm brussels salad

mmm... salty new recipe from olsson's!

kapiti kitchen elderflower mojito

kapiti elderflower mojito for summer cool

tas-saff organic saffron

new product: organic tas-saff

k&w fish & chickens

easter 2014 – order now!

olsson's macrobiotic sea salt

new product: olsson's macrobiotic sea salt

dc duck's nuts duck mascot

they're the duck's nuts...

kapiti kitchen making syrup & the finished product!

introducing new producer: kapiti kitchen

David West with Rohdes eggs

wiech's noodles go free! for gershgoods only

gersh's first pie in 10 years! (tiny version)

gluten free miracle, courtesy of carême!

karen cooks peter watson xmas pudding mix

xmas 2013: fruity fings in the kitchen

carême gf closeup

nice bit of puff... gourmet traveller nods to carême

Toby's new coffee packaging

full of beans & new packaging ideas

fine food aus 2013 logo

mactastic fine food australia

pane croccante x1

remember the crispy croccante

we mean it, goose

we really mean it – order for xmas 2013 now!

gluten free splodge (GBF)

free at last! (sept 2013 = gf month)

nicholson fine foods youtube channel

nff scoops tassie pool & launches on youtube

gingerbread folk august gluten free

strong, sweet & gluten-free!

wanna cook wiech's animation

wanna cook wiech's noodles?

pane croccante

cracking new product! gershgoods rolls out pane croccante

fascinated customers at the BB Mac Muesli stand, GFWS Sydney 2013

june 2013: good food & wine show – great turnout!

180 degrees biscotti

3 new products turn up for 180 degrees

MasterChef master class by will woods from carême

masterchef featuring carême

Heilala vanilla foundation kids

heilala helps out in tonga

Russell Smith teaching cheese tasting sensory evaluation session

sensation occasion

pastilla nash prune & walnut box

new low price for pastilla nash

wiech's organic original and chilli noodles

wiech's brand new-dles

joanna eurogi

eurogi folks on the road

pic and gersh

gersh and friends, on the road in may 2013

fresh black truffles

buried treasure – meet great southern truffles

pic and gersh

out with the old; in with lots of new lavoche

tabletop grapes elina packages fruit

muscatels are back...

nff blood plum jelly

whole lotta shakin' – meet new nicholson jellies

country style flavours, april 2013

country style flavours, april 2013


gershgoods producers on the road in april

aus carob co mint buttons

minty carob goodness – at last!

duck creek obsessions box open

april 2013: duck creek mother's day magic

grounded pleasures chai and panela

treasures from sri lanka – the original spice island

pic picot's roadshow car

march 2013: gershgoods producers' roadshows

RAS silver medal

march 2013: more awards for bb mac muesli

Tetsuya and trout

march 2013: special flavour for a special Easter time

3x toby's tea tins

feb 2013: toby's teas range reducing

pangkarra principals in a wheat field

feb 2013: pangkarra—award winning power flour!

nicholson fine foods essence of hibiscus

feb 2013: nicholson hibiscus is back!

Heilala Vanilla featured in SBS Feast Magazine

feb 2013: hey la la - 2013 smells like vanilla

YouTube video link (Careme at Good Food & Wine Show)

jan 2013: more star turns by gershgoods producers

gersh in a ho ho hat

feb 2013: gg xmas closure dates 2012

duck creek love hearts cdu and gingerbread folk bunnies

dec 2012: order now for valentine's and easter - they're only a hop away!

country style flavours, december 2012 collection of goodies

dec 2012: gershgoods christmas lines in magazine showcase

decorated gingerbread folk house kit

nov 2012: gingerbread folk tree & house kits – holiday fun!


peter watson video

oct 2012: new producers, special offers for xmas 2012 and a star turn from one of our long-standing faves

pic's smooth peanut buttre

aug 2012: new product: pic's really good smooth peanut butter

willabrand enrobed glace figs

july 2012: new producer: byron bay macadamia muesli

willabrand enrobed glace figs

july 2012: new producer: willabrand figs

 june 2012: new supplier – grounded pleasures specialty single origin drinking chocolate


christmas cockatoo

christmas and easter catalogues



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