grounded pleasures

grounded pleasures

exquisite drinking chocolate, chai, organic panela & organic vanilla

  • Like good wine & coffee, good cocoa is complex and should resonate in the mouth with flavour sensations such as spice, fruit, malt and smoke, as well as varying textures – ending with a delightful, long and pleasant aftertaste!
  • Over 99% of the world's cocoa market is dominated by big cocoa multi-nationals who blend for a standardised flavour profile
  • Minimally processed to retain 'health-giving' antioxidants and flavonoids
  • This pure, intense cocoa containing no fillers (unlike many other drinking chocolates), requires less to serve better and more intense beverages
  • Gluten free, dairy free, nut free, & ethically sourced
  • Minimal cane sugar – the least sugar of any drinking chocolate on the market – to make the cocoa shine 
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